Tofigh Daru has the necessary expertise and equipment to offer Formulation Studies Services to manufacturing companies and educational / research organizations. As well as the equipment that a formulation department usually has, Tofigh Daru’s Formulation Dept. benefits from the following :

1- Uniglatt fluid bed dryer/granulator/coater, which can be used not only for fluid bed granulation / drying of small quantities of granules but also for coating of granules and pellets (using the Wurster technique)

2- Pilot-scale Glatt fluid bed dryer/granulator (model WSG-05) for quantities up to 5 Kg. Using this machine, pilot-scale / scale-up batches which have to be manufactured using fluid bed granulation can be manufactured.

3- Erweka Dry Granulatir Type TG 2/S.