Advanced Pharmaceutical Technologies Department:


Nanotechnology group:

  Over the last two decades, a large number of nanoparticle delivery systems have been developed for cancer therapy, including organic and inorganic materials. Many liposomal, polymer-drug conjugates and micellar formulations are part of the state of the art in the clinics, and an even greater number of nanoparticle platforms are currently in the preclinical stages of development.

In view of the increasing importance of Nanotechnology, Nanotechnology group was set up in 2011 in order to develop nanostructures as drug carriers. A variety of facilities for laboratory and pilot- scale production of nanoparticles are available in the department. Liposomes are frontrunners among the nano-systems developed so far. The focus of our team has been the development of nanoliposomal drug carriers for the treatment of cancer according to DNAi Technology that was named TodaSome B™.

Biomaterial and Tissue Engineering group:

Biomaterial and Tissue Engineering group was established in 2015 to develop some biomaterial projects in bone and cartilage repair. The first ones, TODABONE™, is a biomaterial that enhances bone regeneration. This bioactive and biocompatible material has applications within the fields of orthopedics and dentistry. It is indicated to be used as a resorbable bone filling or bone augmentation material. Todabone™ as a synthetic bone graft can be delivered in a variety of formulations such as micro-powders, granules, putty and stripes. This unique technology is applied by periodontists as well as maxillofacial and orthopedic surgeons for bone repair.

Researchers at Biomaterial and Tissue Engineering Lab. are also developing other advanced technologies within the fields of tissue engineering, including tissue engineered cartilage based on collagen scaffolds and cell therapy products.

Computational Biology group:

Researchers in this group employ sophisticated computational algorithms and simulation systems to identifying old drugs with the new potential in cancer therapy (Drug Repurposing) and optimization of drug formulation.

Oligonucleotide Drugs production site:

After developing of nanoliposome formulation of oligonucleotide drugs, the production site according to the GMP rules was designed, constructed and started from 2014 as the only oligonucleotide drugs production site in the Middle East. TodaSome B™ is the first product that was manufactured in this site at pilot scale and at the present, was used for preclinical and clinical trials studies.