Pilot plant unit L.V.H.V

Pilot plant unit is composed of two parts.  1. Glass scale up unit 2.semi-industrial pilot plant

1-Glass scale up unit

The glass scale up unit has 20, 10, 6, and 4-liter reactors and all heating and cooling equipment, which is designed for scale up in scale of 500 to 1,000 grams API synthesis. After the successful results of an API synthesis in laboratory scale, with discretion of the management of chemical research, up to a kilo of  three batches of the medicine drug (to ensure reproducibility) has been  synthesized by laboratory researchers alongside colleagues of pilot units.

2. semi-industrial pilot plant

This unit has five glass reactors 50 lit and 200, 250 liters glass lined reactors with all required facilities including pressure filter, centrifuges, vacuum dryers, etc. It has been designed to the test of reproducibility and industrial problems that will be challenged at the scale of several hundred kilograms production. After confirmation of qualitative and quantitative 3 batch synthesized in glass unit this unit must be produced the API pilot on scale batches of 5 to 20 kg, which is produced in collaboration with the Department of Chemistry and Department of pilot are performed.

LVHV unit began its activities in 1390. It has two production halls, each equipped with two 50-liter glass reactors, two 200 liter stainless steel reactors, centrifuges, dryers, vacuum filters and so on. In this unit the scale of until 10 kg of drugs with low volume and high value are produced. It also has two clean rooms equipped in accordance with GMP standards as well.