Трипторелин Ацетат в микрокапсулах

Type of Drug: injection
Disease: treatment of prostate and breast cancer.
Hormone therapy for breast and prostate cancer.
Early puberty
Abnormalities such as endometriosis or fibroids uterine estrogen Mrtyt
Pharmaceutical ingredient Tryptvrlyn acetate production license from the Ministry of Health
The number: 9021-142-8910 on 21-08-1390
triptorelin sustained release

A synthetic peptide analogues Gnadrvlyn Tryptvrlyn of which is consisted of 10 amino acid in the treatment of advanced breast and prostate cancers depend on hormones used. Tryptvrlyn an agonist of gonadotropin-releasing hormone, which stimulates the pituitary gland, causing a steady decline in hormone LH, FSH is
Slow-release form of the peptide core Tryptvrlyn Tryptvrlyn a polymeric tissue drug is gradually released.
Below are two important technologies in the production of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry developed and is endemic:
1 – production of pharmaceutical peptides
2 – Formulation of sustained release medicine slowly in the body.